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It is also wise to include language in the contract that sets out how disputes over terms and conditions of employment are resolved. (Using most standard AFM contracts does this for you.) This gives you and the buyer more peace of mind, because if for some reason the commitment made does not meet everyone`s satisfaction, there is already a fair mechanism to solve the problem. In addition, the AFM recommends that members receive a 50% non-refundable deposit if possible. According to the consumer law in force, all deposits must be refunded to the buyer in the event of a dispute, unless it has been previously stipulated that the deposit cannot be refunded. In 2011, legislation was passed that allows Local 1000 to submit registration contracts for the first time. President John McCutcheon has written a helpful article to guide you through the process. Below you will find the scales and information forms to download. As of April 1, 2011, the pension contribution rate for admissions is 11.99%. Rosalyn Dennett from the Canadian Federation of Musicians created this presentation, outlining the performance and recording contracts and the ones you need.

* Please note that U.S. musicians should use Canadian treaties when performing in Canada, and Canadian musicians should use U.S. treaties when performing in the United States. Contract forms are also available at the local office and we are happy to help you fill out the forms. Musicians who perform in regular religious or spiritual services use these contracts. Institutions with an agreement include: Musicians who live in Canada and contribute to the Canadian Pension Fund use the CISA form. If you have any questions, please contact the Local 1000 office, or 212.843.8726 (Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..m.m. for information on how to file contracts. Musicians who work in the studio or who do recording, advertising, film, radio or television often use these contracts. Local 802 has more than 70 collective agreements covering work with individual ensembles and employers, as well as entire parts of the music industry. These contracts provide musicians with fair wages, health and pension contributions, and the workplace and worker protection needed to ensure musicians can afford to live and start a family doing what they do best: making music.

These scales cover salaries, benefits, and evaluation conditions for feature films and TV movies, including low-budget rates for both. In addition, in both contracts, there are ladders for sidelining (musicians hired to imitate the performance of the instruments in front of the camera). Musicians who regularly perform in hotels use a hotel balance agreement. Hotels currently under agreement include: Local 802 has an agreement with several theaters on Long Island. These theatres include:. The B-7 report form covers a variety of recording media, including feature films, television films, industrial films, recorded accompanying music for use in theatrical performances, and any other type of recording that may not be suitable for any of the other forms. . AFM Contract is a furniture manufacturer specialized in meeting the needs of professionals in the hotel industry.

With over 20 years of experience, we understand what it takes to provide customers with quality products in a timely manner. . The American Federation of Musicians and its locals have negotiated collective agreements with various employers, such as major record labels, symphony orchestra directors and others, to ensure that musicians are paid for these types of jobs. The B-9 report form covers commercial album releases that do not intend to release enough copies to be eligible for special payments (10,000 units). The use of this form requires a special agreement between the producer and Local 802. If limited pressure exceeded the special payment threshold, an upgrade of the sound recording scale and the submission of a B-4 report form would be required. . These terms cover scoring sessions for video games and interactive media. See the summary of the salary range. AFM B-7 Report Form – All Cinematographic, Theatrical and Television, Industrial, Miscellaneous Films. B-7 Form B-7 Continuation These scales cover salaries and benefits for commercially sold album tracks. In addition, there are low budget rates and special session prices for certain circumstances.

View Salary Scale Summary AFM Report Form B-4 – Phonographic Recordings, Soundtrack Releases and Video Promos B-4 Form B-4 Suite The B-10 Report Form covers all recordings and performances intended for radio distribution, whether commercial, nationally unionized, public or local. Live Performance & Music Prep Wage Scale Book- Member Login Required Collective Agreements (CBA) – Member Login Required If you have any questions, please contact local 802 Shane Gasteyer representative. The B-8 report form includes recordings, both live and recorded, intended for use in television, including network television, basic cable, PBS and pay television such as HBO. It does not cover TV shows that use underlining, such as . B prime-time dramas that would be considered a TV movie (and therefore submitted on a B-7). AFM Report Form B-9 – Limited Pressing B-9 Form B-9 Continuous Note: The above agreements are only summaries of the respective collective agreements. For current agreements, please contact the Electronic Media Services Division of the American Federation of Musicians. If you have any questions, please contact the concert department.

These salaries and benefits cover recordings produced for public television, which consists of two payment structures based on how PBS programming is to be broadcast. AFM agreements are collective agreements negotiated by the American Federation of Musicians and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Each agreement is negotiated for a specific period of time, but can be renewed after expiration. American Furniture Manufacture, Inc. is an MBE certified company based in Southern California that specializes in meeting the needs of professionals in the hospitality industry. With over 15 years of experience in producing custom quality furniture, we understand what it takes to provide customers with quality products in a timely manner. At AFM, we focus on providing custom furniture for a range of commercial properties, from branded hotels to boutiques to restaurants, and through our OEM services, we offer the customer the freedom to control the specifications and function of each item to meet the requirements of their project. The B-5 report form covers all studio work for recordings intended to demonstrate a musical selection or performance, and is not intended to be made available to the public or broadcast. The use of this form requires a special agreement between the producer and Local 802. Once concluded and submitted, the contract has the force of law and the AFM behind it. If, for any reason, buyer fails to meet the terms agreed in the Agreement, the AFM or local will make every effort to sue the funds owed to its members, including Buyer`s action in court, in certain circumstances. AFM Report Form B-8 – VideoTape, Live Television, Cable Television and Public Television B-8 Form B-8 Continuation AFM Report Form B-10 – Commercial, Public and Local Radio and I.D.B-10 Non-Commercial Form B-10 Continuation These scales include salaries and benefits for live television appearances, awards ceremonies and special programs, as well as live streamed recorded performances, such as .

B late-night talk shows. These conditions include both house bands for this type of programming and all guest groups that can be contracted for a particular episode. See CAPC Salary Range Summary Form: (On-Line Performance Contract for Canada) is used for live, recorded or remote radio and television programming. Movie / TV Movie Sound Recording TV / VideoTape Jingles / Advertisements For union standards, please select the appropriate department from the list here. But not all concerts fall into these categories. Many performances, such as in clubs, live shows, for private parties, etc., are negotiated directly between the musician and the buyer. Unfortunately, some professionals risk their salary by not submitting signed contract forms – and without a contract filed with the local where the performance takes place, there`s little your local or federation to get you your hard-earned money in case you`re stiff. Standard AFM contract forms are easy to fill out and only require information such as the engagement date(s), the number of musicians playing the job, the name, address and phone number of the signing musician and buyer, the type of commitment, the agreed remuneration and the signatures of both parties. Form L-2 [PDF]: is intended for local obligations only and differs from L-1 in that it does not contain provisions for the settlement of claims or disputes. .

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